September 2014 – From the Governor’s Office

The state legislature passed legislation (HB 1177) that authorizes the City of Philadelphia to levy a cigarette tax to generate additional revenue for the Philadelphia School District. This legislation also authorizes the Allegheny County Airport Authority to invest in commercial paper. Governor Corbett signed this legislation into law as Act 131 on September 24th.

The Governor also signed into law (Act 137 of 2014) legislation creating the Aggregate Advisory Board to assist the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to expend funds for the purposes provided in the Noncoal Surface Mining Conservation and Reclamation Act and to advise the secretary of the DEP on all matters pertaining to surface mining.

He also signed into law (Act 132 of 2014) legislation that changes the name of the Department of Public Welfare to the Department of Human Services.

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August 2014 – From the Governor’s Office

On August 6, Governor Corbett announced that he would make an advance payment of $265 million to the Philadelphia School District.  The City of Philadelphia has been lobbying for a cigarette tax to provide new revenues for the Philadelphia School District.  The Senate and House could not reach an agreement on legislation authorizing this tax before the state legislature recessed in July.  The state legislature may consider this legislation when it returns in September.

Also on August 14, Governor Corbett announced funding from multiple state agencies for the redevelopment of a brownfield site at the Pittsburgh International Airport.  The funding will help establish the new Pittsburgh International Airport World Trade Center, which includes sites for more than one million square feet of office space, 90,000 square feet for research and development, a 400-room hotel with convention space, and space for up to six corporate hangers.